Waqar Zaka Help Rohingya Refugees through Bitcoins


Power of Bitcoin

In a very promising and becoming turn of events a big group of Rohingya refugees in Nepal see the silver lining of their life in the clouds of Bitcoin. Waqar Zaka Foundation gives the aid of $4000 to Rohingya refugees through Bitcoin.

At this occasion Waqar Zaka let the people listening to his live transmission know that the money was transferred to Rohingya and will be transferred in future only and only by using Bitcoin. As Waqar Zaka mentions this, Bitcoin is a kind of currency which is always there for the poor and needy people who do not have any documents, let alone the bank accounts.

Sharing the details of the aid with his viewers, Waqar Zaka let them know how Rohingya refugees were mishandled in Bangladesh and how a small amount of $1000 was enough for them to rent a piece of land enough for more than 50 families.

With help of Waqar Zaka and his foundation, they have acquired reliable sense of living with water, food, other amenities such as warm cloths and blankets and most importantly, their own movable houses made out of aluminum sheets. The head of the refugee group talked to the viewers of Waqar Zaka and assured them of the help that Rohingya people had received.

Educating the Refugees

Waqar Zaka talked about Bitcoin and praised Bitcoin declaring it a currency for the homeless people and refugees throughout the world. Waqar Zaka provided them Android devices and taught them how to use Bitcoin wallet to receive the coin and then get it exchanged from local exchangers who deal in Bitcoin. He further arranged a lecture in a shed. With many Rohingya refugees sitting in front of him and with help of a whiteboard, he explained how Bitcoin can be used safely, how to keep the wallet secure, how expensive is the Bitcoin and what is its current value and how they can get it exchanged into local currency with ease and without having to show any documentation.


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