The Vision of Bitcoin Pakistan

Bitcoin Pakistan


Bitcoinpk vision is to introduce bitcoin, blockchain, crypto and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in Pakistan and provide the same to the world.  The idea is to provide you a one stop solution to anything crypto, or digital crypto asset related.  We started this website about 4 years ago as a community based organisation, which hoped that people would come and help each other in teaching each other.  Back in 2013 it was too early, which made us realize that there is not enough people that actually really understand the true implication of what makes bitcoin great. This made it very hard to convince people that bitcoin was a thing for the future rather then a scam.

Today not only people are realizing what bitcoin is, but its popularity in world wide is increasing at a very rapid rate. To educate masses on this technology, we decided to re-amp the website with a modern design and integrate direct buying and selling of altcoins through services such as changelly  and shape-shift(coming soon).


We have already introduced the first step towards this new beginning. By integrating mobile easyloads through bitcoin, ethereum (eth)  and also allowing you direct buying selling of major crypto through changelly services. In the future we would like to add scam updates as we want people to understand, earn and profit from this system rather then the lose of money through scams.

Bitcoin is a system, a commodity and a currency combined in one and is going to be the site that’s going to move it forward with the help of the community.  We would be happy to touch base with you and more then obliged to have discussions regarding btc, ltc, eth or any other crypto and arrange meet-ups or provide mining information in Pakistan. The eco-system of Bitcoin is only on the verge of exploding in Pakistan and soon you will have a lot more people talking about it, using it for much more then just speculative commodity.



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