Easyload With Bitcoin & Ethereum


The power of crypto currency such as bitcoin and ethereum could be tested when you do micro transactions such as paying you post paid mobile bill or easyloads or even do super cards loads directly onto your mobile.


We have opted to give this service so someone sitting in USA or Dubai could easily load balance on their loved ones instantly via paying with btc and eth. You can pay anywhere from PKR 75 to PKR 1000 and topup your balance.


So how does it work, lets say you want to buy a ufone supercard or recharge your balance, first head over to bitcoinpk and from the first list select bitcoin or ethereum which is the 2 crypto currencies we support currently, enter your mobile number which should be 03xxxxxxxxx without any space or dashes. There after you have to select your network provider so from the drop down select the right network provider, the list has warid ufone jazz telenor and zong, for this case we will select ufone as we want to load the supercard worth PKR 520. The email in the last box is optional but its good to provide an email as if there is any issue we can easily contact you. There after just click the easyload button.

This will take you to the next screen where you will be promoted for the the payment in btc or eth whichever one you selected. The timer will start on the bottom. This is set as the prices are picked live keeping in view exchange conversion fees. Once paid it will take a few mins to confirm on the network. Confirmations are not controlled by us, bitcoin or ethereum confirmation are done by the network that takes care of this. Bitcoin is set to 2 confirmation and ethereum to 10 confirmation. We wanted to start of with providing you this solution so you can easily topup or pay your postpaid bills via btc or eth no matter which country you are in or even while you are travelling this is an easy solution.



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